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See your day at a glance

Today is your overview for everything you have to get done today, whether it’s on your farm or something that you’ve agreed to take care of for your friends and neighbors. Get a quick glance of the temperature and weather conditions and take a look at what tasks you have on your agenda for the day.

Simply tap on any task to get all of the details, including what type of work is being done, with what machinery, and in which field. You’ll also get details specific to that work type, like chemical being applied, seed being used, or harvest results. One swipe is all you need to complete or delete a task, and can be done with one hand.

Ready to create a new task? Simply tap the green button and you’re ready to go! Quickly select information like type of work being done, by whom, and in which field, and any details about the specific task, taking less than a minute to go from start to finish.

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Send tasks to and from your farm network

All farms survive off a network of workers, whether it’s family and close friends, contract workers, or employees. Shepherd understands this and helps you stay in contact with your farm network and makes sending and receiving work requests fast and easy.

Creating your farm network is easy, just search for other Shepherd users if they’re already connected or send them an invite to get going. You can add or adjust your farm network whenever you like from the My Farm page.

When you create a new task, you choose which person you’d like to complete the task. When you pick yourself, the task goes right into your queue and shows up when it’s due. When you select someone in your farm network, it heads to their inbox where they can accept or decline, and shows up in their queue when it’s due.

You receive instant notifications as soon as the work is accepted or declined, and once it is completed so you’re always aware of what progress is being made and if there are any holdups along the way.

Shepherd users can also attach payment directly to tasks sent to other users, meaning no more waiting on payment or paper checks to deal with - payment is instant once the work is done.

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Deal with THE weather before it happens

Start your day off right with the information that matters most to you - the latest agriculture market updates and a weather report for each of your fields.

When you create a new task, Shepherd will automatically check the weather for when you’re planning on working in the field and if it sees troubled skies ahead, it will ask if you’d like to modify the schedule to a time when better weather conditions are more likely.

As you go through your day, Shepherd watches the weather and if it sees a change that will impact your planned tasks for the day, will let you know so you can adjust plans for you and your team to get the most out of each day while skies are clear in each field.