Tyler McGee

Tyler got his start working on his family’s farm in Northeast Montana, 2 miles south of the Canadian border, where he learned the ins and outs of farming and agriculture. From working on equipment, to mending fence, to scouting fields and everything in between, Tyler developed a passion for farming and also for improvement.

Through undergraduate studies at the University of Montana and graduate school at Texas A&M University, Tyler developed the initial concept for Shepherd and ways to use powerful new technology put directly into the hands of growers to give them valuable tools to improve their farm operations.

After graduate school, Tyler was recruited by Syngenta to work in their IT and R&D departments, developing methods to apply cutting edge technologies to seed product development and agricultural architecture.

After returning to the original research from back in undergraduate at the University of Montana and teaching himself to code, Tyler created the first prototype of Shepherd in the room above his garage and began testing with farmers in Montana in 2017. Shepherd was accepted into the AgLaunch accelerator in 2018 and has been undergoing more widespread in field testing and further development as it approaches public release.


Adam Chavez

Adam comes from a background in analytical chemistry and forensic toxicology but has always had a way for working with people to understand what they need help with and how he can help them solve their problems. Jumping out of the lab and into the field, Adam serves as Shepherd’s head of grower relations and makes sure that every grower gets the most out of our tools and collects feedback from users to help make our systems better fit the needs of the people we serve.

Subash Luitel.png

Subash Luitel

Subash studied Computer Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology and has put his strong skills in mobile application and backend platform development to good use, working with Tyler to completely rewrite the original prototype to be more stable, scalable, and user friendly and then moving into adding powerful new capabilities based on a development roadmap and user feedback to give Shepherd features that will make it indispensable for growers managing operations of all sizes. 


Stirling Noble

Stirling is a full bred German Shepherd from a working line on a farm in Virginia. He spends his time patrolling the perimeter and demanding belly rubs. After receiving his secondary education from Topline K9 Solutions in both Home Manners and Community Manners, Stirling has an excellent temperament and an ability to sense where he should be and what needs to be done next.

We strive to build these traits into Shepherd - always present and thinking ahead, yet never in the way. Shepherd goes with you through your day and quickly presents the information you need about what farm activities need to come next or to be adjusted, but is designed to be fast and efficient, not to slow you down.