What is Shepherd?

Shepherd is a digital labor platform designed specifically for farms and agriculture operations. It allows growers to quickly see what work needs to be done on their farms for that day and to send and receive tasks from other users.

Can I use it?

Absolutely! We’re currently operating in a controlled beta with testers in multiple states but if you are interested in joining or would like to know more as we work toward public release, send us a message on the Contact Us page. We love hearing from all kinds of farmers and use feedback to drive development and improvements.

How can I get started?

To join the closed beta, send a message through the Contact Us page and let us know what kind of farming you do, your geographic region, and what your general farm labor needs are and we’ll work with you to get you set up and running.


Shepherd is a proud member of the AgLaunch agri-tech accelerator program based in Memphis, TN. Shepherd was accepted into AgLaunch in Fall 2018 and is currently progressing through Phase II of AgLaunch365. For more information about AgLaunch, visit http://aglaunch.com/.